The 2017 Dallas Derby Devils home season pushed off at NYTEX Center on Saturday, April 1. The first bout featured 2016 Champs The Wrecking Crew facing off against last year’s 4th place Suicide Shifters. The second bout pitted 2016’s 2nd place Slaughterers against 3rd place Death Row Rumblers. The High Seas Hotties will battle the Rumblers this Saturday, May 20.

Bout 1: Wrecking Crew vs Suicide Shifters

The Suicide Shifters took first blood in Jam 1 as Ginga Turtle sliced through for lead and 2 against Anita Riot close behind. On Jam 2, as Paige Forbidden star-passed to Great Wall of Gina, Double Oh Tutu danced to lead and 5 more for the Shifters. But in a 2-minute Jam 3, the Rhinestone Callgirl scored 24 as Small Block tried to drive through Wrecking Crew walls. Scarlett Renegade added 10 more making it 34-10 Wrecking Crew at 23:28 on the game clock. From that point on, the Crew picked away at the Shifters with effective leads by Anita, Rhinestone, and Havoc is Here, while Wrecker defense held back Shifter jammers Ginga, Smalls, and Tutu. In Jam 19, Rhinestone rode lead for two grand slams but cut track, while Small Block passed the star to Fischer and 10 more for the Shifters. Period 1 finished Wrecking Crew 132, Suicide Shifters 36.

Against Fischer, Havoc Is Here stormed through Jam 1 of the 2nd Period for 12, 144-50. The Crew quelled the Shifters for the next 6 jams, until in Jam 9 Tutu fought for lead and 3 points as Havoc closed in. Throughout the period, the Wreckers rolled on racking up 5–10 per lead jam. Then on Jam 15, before Small Block sprang from the box to star pass to Fischer, Riot stunned the fans by grabbing lead and, on slam after slam, scoring 36 points. Marching on to the final seconds, the Wrecking Crew gave notice to skaters and fans with an impressive opening night victory.

Final Score   Wrecking Crew 313   Suicide Shifters 68

Wrecking Crew   MVP Blocker: Hannah Barbaric, MVP Jammer: Havoc Is Here

Suicide Shifters   MVP Jammer: Ginja Turtle, MVP Blocker: Jaims Maims

Bout 2: Slaughterers vs Death Row Rumblers

In Jam 1, facing Bazooka Bubblegum, Baby Hurl tossed up 9 for the Slaughterers, followed by Nine Mil Nancy squeezing off 6 in Jam 2 as Bourbon Barbie put the Rumblers on the board for 6.  On Jams 3 and 4, VietNomNoms against Retro Dolly and Hurl against Bazooka combined for 29 – 52-21, Slaughterers. Bazooka fired off 9 for the Rumblers in Jam 7, and then in Jam 10, Baby screamed through for 27, allowing Retro 8 points – 120-37 at 12:10. Bourbon guzzled up 11 in Jam 11. For the next 8 minutes, Slaughterer walls held strong, until in the last 3 jams, Retro, Bazooka, and Jett combined for 11, ending the first period 133-63, Slaughterers.

Period 2 started with Baby Hurl boxed up from a penalty in the previous jam, Bourbon quickly seizing lead and 12 points, 137-75. But impenetrable Slaughterer defense held the Rumblers to 77 through Jam 10, until again Barbie and Death Row defense held back Hurl for 7 Rumbler points. The 2-minute Jam 12 saw Nine Mil star passing to Animal Lee for 13 as Jett turboed for 9 at 14:26 – 193-93. But again, Slaughterer defense locked up Death Row with 97 through Jam 18. With a few points for each team in the last jams, the Slaughterers decisively rolled off in the win column, but dogged by scrappy Rumblers at their wheels the whole way.

Final Score   Slaughterers 279   Death Row Rumblers 106

Slaughterers   MVP Blocker: Juice Boxx, MVP Jammer: VietNomNoms

Death Row Rumblers   MVP Blocker: Anne Bashaway, MVP Jammer: Retro Dolly


Saturday May 20 at NYTEX Sports Center

Bout 1: Death Row Rumblers vs High Seas Hotties

Bout 2: Wrecking Crew vs Slaughterers