Photo by Switchblade Studios

Photo by Switchblade Studios


Is there anything you're scared to try?

Derby related, no. Otherwise, storm chaser!

What are your non-derby hobbies/activities/hidden talents?

I have two sons that are baseball players. I love to watch them play. This year I got to be one of the dugout coaches and I am having a blast. I also like to fix things. DIY!

Playing any sport is a huge commitment. How do you juggle that along with your life outside of derby?

I built a huge wall calendar to schedule myself and our family. I have an incredible husband that does so much. I also have amazing teammates that get stuff done. Thank you Kimical Addiction, Juice Box, and Sin Esperanza.

What’s the most rewarding aspect of playing the game?

Knowing that I was able to play and finish.

If you could go back and talk to yourself as a newbie skater, what advice would you give her?

I would tell myself to start this amazing and life changing sport earlier. When you join in your 40's, TIME is your worst enemy. I get this question all of the time, "Are you still doing the roller derby thing?" I always answer with a "Yes." I get really sad thinking about the time when I will have to answer, "No." I love this sport and the family that goes with it.