Honey B@dg3r


photo credit:  Famuz Photography

photo credit: Famuz Photography


What prompted you to get involved with roller derby?

For nine years I had played softball on 3 different rec leagues in Phoenix, AZ. I was going to be turning 40 soon and wanted to do something different. A co-worker had recently been to a game and I thought to myself, “now that sounds fun”. In January of 2012 I joined their “cherry” program and fell in love with the sport.

how did you come up with your derby name?

Two close friends of mine, Lisa and Penny, gave me my name. I had helped them move and “didn’t give a s#*t” about the snake or brown recluse spider I found. I earned my name, Honey Badger, that day. I just modified the spelling to make it mine; H0n3y B@dg3r. 

the sport seems highly physical. have you ever gotten injured?

My only injury has been a concussion. I had come into derby with five major head injuries, so when I sustained my sixth, my doctor encouraged me to stop playing. I listened and became a full-time skating official. I miss jamming, but I love wearing stripes. 

what’s the most rewarding aspect of playing the game?

The most rewarding aspect has been the sportsmanship shown on and off the track. 2018 JRDA World Cup I saw so many great examples, just warmed this B@dg3r's heart. 

what position are you most comfortable playing?

I’m most comfortable in stripes, my favorite position is Jam Ref. 

What are your non-derby hobbies/activities/talents?

Non-derby? Is there such a thing? LOL. I throw axes and juggle. But not together… yet. 

What’s one thing you can’t leave the house without?

If it’s derby, my whistle. If it’s other, my phone.