Red White N Brooze

High Seas Hotties


How did you come up with your derby name?

I started playing roller derby in North Carolina when my significant other and I were stationed at Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base. My red hair is kind of my "thing" and wanting to be patriotic, we came up with Red White N Brooze -- not to be confused with Booze ;).

What position are you most comfortable playing?

Jamming. If I'm blocking, something has gone terribly wrong.

A big misconception is that all derby players are "tough broads" and not at all feminine. What would you tell them?

I'd tell them "Don't judge a book by its cover." Women are amazing creatures. Why only be one thing when we can be all the things? Be who you want to be, even if that changes every day. <3

Playing any sport is a huge commitment. How do you juggle that along with your life outside of derby?

It is very difficult trying to work full time, have a healthy relationship, cross train for derby, and of course show up to practice and we all have our valleys and peaks. I think the biggest things are to:

1) Understand you are human so forgive yourself.

2) Set your limits and stick to them.

3) Do what you love. If you are doing something you enjoy, like derby, it isn’t a chore.

What's one thing you can't leave the house without?

My blue water bottle. I literally always have it with me and now it has a nice shiny DDD sticker on it so I can represent everywhere I go.

If you could choose one skill in roller derby to perfect in an hour, what would it be and why?

Lateral footwork while being LOW and ready for impact in derby stance. I really struggle with this so being perfect - if there is such a thing - would be amazing.

Do you have any pre-game rituals?

My signature war paint of the red, white, and blue stripes on my face. It may be messy but it's part of my derby personality and I love it.