Bout 1 of Game 2 featured the High Seas Hotties launching their opening 2017 plunder against the Death Row Rumblers, who fell in Game 1 to the Slaughterers. And in the first rematch since September 24, Bout 2 was an exciting tussle between the 2016 Champions Wrecking Crew and the 2nd place Slaughterers. If you missed the action, you can read the breakdown written by roller derby superfan Tomcat and current standings below. You can also catch all our previous games on the Dallas Derby Devils Youtube channel.

Bout 1: Death Row Rumblers vs High Seas Hotties

By Jam 3 of Period 1, the Rumblers led 45-14 on a strong 29-point Bazooka Bubblegum power jam following a track cut by Lavender velVET. Throughout most of Period 1, the band of High Seas jammers–principally velVET, Cobra Lilly, Haun Solo, and Milady Misery–tried to batter through Rumbler walls. But with Death Row defense and consistent lead jams by Bazooka, Bourbon Barbie, Retro Dolly, and Melotraumatic, the Rumblers continued to stretch their lead. In a surprising Jam 14, velVET took lead, but then cut the track, while Melotraumatic passed the star to Karmen Getmeh, for 12 Rumbler points and 15 for the Hotties, 131-52. After a 28-point Barbie lead in Jam 16 against Cream8er, Period 1 clocked out at 173-58 Death Row Rumblers.

As Period 2 rolled on, assertive Rumbler defense denied Hotties jammers needed openings, while High Seas jammers were consistently held back by Death Row walls and relentless recycling. When the Rumblers called a time out at 12:45, the score stood at 252-90. In Jam 15, Barbie let the clock roll against lavender velVET, which added 27 for the Rumblers and 11 for the Hotties, a 16-point Rumbler advantage, 295-103. As the clock ticked to 0:00, the High Seas Hotties–and the fans at NYTEX–rolled away from the cellblock after a rough Rumble on Death Row.

Final Score   Death Row Rumblers 334   High Seas Hotties  106

Death Row Rumblers   MVP Blocker: Cash Monstuh; MVP Jammer: Retro Dolly

High Seas Hotties   MVP Blocker: Melee Konfusion; MVP Jammer: Haun Solo

Bout 2: Wrecking Crew vs Slaughterers

This touted grudge match pushed off with three lead jams by Scarlet Renegade, Rhinestone Callgirl, and Havoc is Here, who racked up 25 for the Wrecking Crew. But in Jam 4, as Renegade was forced to pass to Anita Riot, Baby Hurl threw up 13 for the Slaughterers, 26-13. Through Period 1, Wrecker jammers continued to struggle against insistent defense, while Slaughterer walls increasingly stymied savvy opposing jammers. By an official review at 5:19, the Slaughterer rotation of VietNomNoms, Nine Mil Nancy, and Hurl had brought the score to 87-78 Wrecking Crew. Then on Jam 14, NomNoms seized lead as Callgirl fruitlessly tried to pass the star through Slaughterer walls, struggling against repeated recycling. The score flipped on 14 NomNoms grand slam points to 93-87 Slaughterers. Nine Mil and Hurl drove the period home in two jams that saw Riot star passing to Great Wall of Gina and then a penalty on Havoc.

At 115-95 Slaughterers, Period 2 kicked off with Havoc and a blocker from each team in the box, with Baby Hurl easily grabbing lead and putting up 12. With newfound momentum, Nine Mil, Hurl, and NomNoms rolled through weakening Crew defense as blockers for the team in pink held back jammers and forced star passes. By Jam 10, the Slaughters had opened a 66-point lead, their biggest of the night, 180-114. But over the next 6 tight, defensive jams, the Wrecking Crew clawed back with 27 points, 187-141 Slaughterers. In the confusing final three jams, the Slaughterer pack forced star passes to Riot and a track cut on Renegade, who started the final jam in the box. Then Baby Hurl easily took lead, but in a scramble with blockers, cut the track herself. At the final whistle, a big come-from-behind Slaughterer victory extended an on-going rivalry with the Wrecking Crew, and promised serious clashes to come.

Final Score   Slaughterers 211   Wrecking Crew 149

Slaughters   MVP Blocker: Mona Bruis'r;  MVP Jammer: Baby Hurl

Wrecking Crew   MVP Blocker: Great Wall of Gina;  MVP Jammer: Rhinestone Callgirl

Current Standings

Slaughterers 2-0

Death Row Rumblers 1-1

Wrecking Crew 1-1

Suicide Shifters 0-1

High Seas Hotties 0-1


Saturday, June 10 at NYTEX Center

Bout 1: Slaughterers vs Suicide Shifters

Bout 2: Wrecking Crew vs High Seas Hotties

Hope to see you there!