The Dallas Derby Devils are proud to introduce their new logo designed by league member and graphic designer Anna Lee Doughtie (Animal Lee). Wanting to emphasize the city of Dallas and the state of Texas, the logo combines two key elements: a Star and Pegasus Wings.  The star is both a nod to the Lone Star State and representation of the jammer star, a well-known symbol used to indicate the roller derby player who can score points on the track during a jam. Additionally, the wings represent the Pegasus, the unofficial mascot of the city of Dallas.

“We wanted to reflect the strength and fighting spirit of the Dallas Derby Devils, while emphasizing how proud we are to be part of the Dallas community,” says Hope Watts (Great Wall of Gina), the league’s Media Director, “We are proud to represent Dallas, and if you’ve been keeping up with us, you know our star is flying high.”

Along with the dynamic new logo, Dallas has launched a revamped website,, complete with updated photos for all affiliated teams: the 12th-ranked Army of Darkness and Battalion of Doom All-Star teams, home season defending champions the Wrecking Crew, Death Row Rumblers, High Seas Hotties, Slaughterers, Suicide Shifters, and Team Dominion, the league’s beloved support staff of officials, announcers, and volunteers.

Catch the Dallas Derby Devils in action as they open their home season on April 1st, 2017.