Founded in 2004, and bouting in May 2005, the Dallas Derby Devils brought flat track roller derby to the DFW metroplex. As a skater-owned, DIY (Do It Yourself) nonprofit organization, and a member league of the WFTDA (Women’s Flat Track Derby Association), our mission is to empower ourselves by working together on and off the track. We take time to give back to our community through charitable contributions, local sponsorship programs and by cooperating and collaborating with other roller derby leagues worldwide.


The Dallas Derby Devils consist of five home teams (in order of conception): High Seas Hotties, Suicide Shifters, Wrecking Crew, Slaughterers, and Death Row Rumblers. The Army of Darkness, our all-star squad, represents the league in sanctioned WFTDA competitions. Our second rank interleague team–Battalion of Doom–assists us in our quest for worldwide roller derby domination.


Happy 13th year anniversary to us! Here are our previous seasons’ Champions:

2005 – Exhibition games only
2006 – High Seas Hotties
2007 – Slaughterers
2008 – Slaughterers
2009 – Slaughterers
2010 – High Seas Hotties
2011 – Slaughterers
2012 – Suicide Shifters
2013 – Wrecking Crew
2014 – Death Row Rumblers
2015 – Death Row Rumblers
2016 – Wrecking Crew
2017 – Slaughterers


Founded in 2004, the WFTDA promotes and fosters the sport of women’s flat track derby by facilitating the development of athletic ability, sportswomanship, and goodwill among member leagues. The governing philosophy is “by the skaters, for the skaters.” Women skaters are primary managers and operators of each member league and of the association. Operational tasks include setting standards for rules, seasons, and safety, and determining guidelines for the national and international athletic competitions of member leagues.